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Reclaiming Glory, Tradition & Heritage through Art.


How many of us have actually heard about the beautiful Manjusha paintings or Batik Art? Chances are unlikely. Because they have been an endangered form of art, almost on the verge of extinction. The more we would have explored the detailed work of art and the diverse range & depth it had, we probably would have been in awe of our ancestorial work.  Somewhere along the way, we lost touch with our cultural self and drifted away from the values and traditional skills of our great nation that have been passed down from generations. Bringing back the traditional handicrafts that were once so ingrained in our lives is indeed a heavy task. But we know that it’s worth the effort.


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Kreatmaster is a StartUp that focuses on the revival of Traditional handicrafts and services that have faded as the years went by. We aim to provide a digital space for the selling of goods and services to artisans. The Artisans, throughout India, are encouraged to advertise their goods on our website and widen their selling market. This will in fact not only promote the sales but also bring the knowledge and popularity of these goods back to the market. Thereby creating an influx of trade.

Handicrafts are a prime example of indigenous knowledge, traditional cultural expressions of artisans, small or large tribes, and even entire nations and communities at large. Crafting communities invest their labors and merits from generation to generation to create aesthetic and artistic handicrafts that both reflect their intellectual contributions and represent their community lifestyles, allowing them to be protected under the geographical indications (GIs) regime. Despite the fact that these handicrafts may be GI protected but they are on the verge of extinction as they still need an influx of trade to stay afloat on the business, to compete with processed, factory-made goods. Many indigenous crafts have already been lost or are hung by a tiny thread for survival, Dokra idols  Of West Bengal & Odisha, Parsi Embroidery, Toda Embroidery of Nilgiri Hills, Naga Handicrafts of Nagaland being a few of them.

Kreatmaster’s vision is that the handicrafts sector becomes a significant contributor to the Country’s economy and adds not only soulful but financial value to the citizens. It can employ a large number of craftspeople in rural and semi-urban areas, where the rates of unemployment are high and the per capita income is marginal.  Revenue generation within and outside the country happens to be one of the primary goals but at the same time, we get to promote and broadcast India’s cultural heritage and soft power.

Handicrafts have enormous potential because they hold the key to sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread across the country but also the increasing number of new entrants into this economy. Under Kreatmaster’s long-term vision, the youth of the country will be chosen best of their abilities and interests in their liking of art & Craft and then their skills will be polished by training them not only to make the products but to present them in the international market in the best digital & commercial manner possible.  A push like this will not only make Indian art thrive but and slowly they will find their way back into our homes and lives, where they really belong.

Kreatmaster aims to bring about a change and a return to the pristine ways of life by reclaiming the handicrafts that were once a part of our life and integrating them for our future generations to know them too. So if you know any struggling artisan that is engaged in the traditional trade, introduce them to Kreatmaster. It will change their lives in more than one way.  To know more, visit us at: